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For the sake of simplicity you can price your offer based on the flat currency (kronor). For example, babysitting = 100 unity (kronor) per hour. Our unit of trade is called UNITY. Examples on other goods and services that can be offered: home made foods (jam, pickled food, meals etc.), carpentry, painting, window cleaning, IT-services, different kinds if goods (clothes, buttons, lap tops, pencils, plants, books, art, films etc.), massage, yoga-classes, singing, dancing, book keeping, writing and so on. Only your imagination (and skills) will set the limits. These are of course but a few examples of what can be exchanged.


To give you an idea of what skills we as UnitedBeat would initially like to be able to access via the exchange, here is a short list of talents needed:

Project / cause researchers (to help us identify projects and causes that need our help and how to help them)

Administrator (send out exchange statements / newsletters and manage social networking profiles)

English -Swedish Translators  for our website)

New user tutors (offer to teach new users how to use the system)

Illustrators / graphic designers (create graphical media for our website to help convey information simply)

Content writers (write about what we are doing as well as content that will be of interest to our site visitors)

Horticulturists / Agriculturists (consultation and possible content writing)

Engineers (consultation and possible content writing)

Doctors (consultation and possible content writing)

Lawyers (consultation and possible content writing)

Project co-ordinators (co-ordinate our events)

Moderators (for the website forum which is coming soon)

.....plus more.


What ever your skill is ( or goods you would like to offer) please offer it since nothing is worthless. The more people that join, the more likely it will be that your skill or product will be needed by someone.

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