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The second UnitedBeat event is currently on the planning stage. We'll update you on the progess...

The first ever UnitedBeat event took place during the Malmö festival (Malmöfestivalen 2010) on the 22nd August 2010 from 14h45 - 15h05. The location was Stortorget in Malmö, Sweden.

Unfortunately the rain was pouring down and not many people showed up. However we are most thankful to those who actually made it. It warmed our hearts and souls!

This is what was gratefully recieved:

  • The first ever UnitedBeat banner
  • Our very own logo
  • A domain name and registration
  • A template for the website
  • Pictures on the website
  • The sound of a heart beat
  • Loan of two big drums for the event
  • Access to the huge stage at Stortorget in Malmö along with the heartbeat sound pumping out from the bombastic speakers
  • The help of friends
  • The attendance of the brave who came



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