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There is one sound that binds us all, the heartbeat.
Imagine the sound of over a thousand drums.
Imagine over one thousand drums all drumming the same heartbeat sound at the same time.
If the one sound that is with each and every one of us our whole lives can be used for good, imagine how much good can be done with that unity.

The above sums up what we are about. UnitedBeat is an non-profit organisation based in Sweden. Our aim is to raise awareness about what unites us as human beings and work towards a more just world.

We began or journey in 2010 as an organisation that raises money through events in order to donate that money to other charity organisations who are doing good deeds around the world. You can read more about us under 'In memory of', 'Events' and 'FAQ'. We have under 2011 begun a journey from raising money through events to initiating and supporting projects that leads to a better world for all. Our core values are Unity and Equality. We believe that unity is created through appreciating each other's differences and respect our equal value as human beings. As an organisation we want to work against segregation, intolerance and injustice.  

The community exhange is our latest project. It is a way for people to trade goods and services while promoting a culture of generosity rather than a culture of greed.

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